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A WARM WELCOME to my blog, Projekt: Gesund leben! I’m Hannah Frey, and I’m so glad you’ve found your way here. To make it all a little easier for you, here are some suggestions for finding your way around. If you want to know a bit more about me, check out my introduction here – and get to know the face behind this website! :-)

I began blogging in 2011, and since August 2013, I’ve been pouring my love, creativity, and time into Projekt: Gesund leben. These days, over 250,000 people visit the blog every month – and I’m grateful for every single one of them!

On Projekt: Gesund leben, you’ll find everything you need to know about healthy living. Back in Ancient Greece, the physician Hippocrates (460–370 BC) claimed that nutrition, exercise, and relaxation were the three pillars of a healthy life. This hasn’t lost its relevance – and that’s why I’ve adopted these same pillars for Projekt: Gesund leben, where you’ll find everything you need to know about Clean Eating, fitness, and stress reduction.


Photo: © Franzi Schädel

Photo: © Franzi Schädel

So what should you read first?

I’ve provided answers to the most commonly asked questions in the FAQ, where you’ll find a wide range of information on everything from Clean Eating to Project: Sugar-Free, among other topics. The FAQ is continually updated as new questions arise.

All current posts can be found on the homepage. Below are the articles I recommend for getting started:

  • Clean Eating Basics: You’re totally new to healthy eating or still need some extra encouragement? Then check out my article about weekly planning, stocking up, and meal prep or have a look at my book Clean Eating Basics.
  • Project: Sugar-Free: Want to eat less sugar? Read more about my experiences with “Project: Sugar-Free!” All posts related to Project: Sugar-Free can be found here.
  • Green smoothies for beginners: New to green smoothies? Then this is the right place to start. You can also find more info here.
  • Breakfast recipes: Want a healthy start to your day, but don’t want to wake up extra-early? Here are some tips and hacks for quick, delicious, nutrient-rich breakfasts.
  • Getting started with superfoods: Are you interested in learning more about superfoods and gradually integrating them into your diet? Here’s everything you need!
  • Kitchen equipment: You’re just starting to change your diet and wondering which appliances you’ll need? Take a look at my kitchen and equipment here.

Most-read posts

Here are my TOP 10 most popular articles – with over 5 million (!) pageviews total!


My personal favorites

A selection of posts that are particularly close to my heart – a total mixed bag:


A look behind the scenes

I personally love being able to look “behind the scenes” on other blogs. With that in mind, I’m offering the same opportunity to you:

Social Media

In addition to Facebook, you’ll find me on InstagramPinterest and Twitter. On Instagram, use the hashtags #projektgesundleben and/or #projektzuckerfrei or tag the blog’s account (@projekt_gesund_leben) if you’ve made one of my recipes or have something else you’d like to share with me. If you want to make sure you never miss another new post, you can subscribe to the blog via Bloglovin.

© Brita Sönnichsen für Edeka

Join the Projekt: Gesund leben community!

Of course, Projekt: Gesund leben is my personal blog where I can share my own experiences – but my primary goal is to motivate and inspire you to live a healthy and happy life. That’s why keeping in touch with my readers is super important to me!

Nothing is more motivating than exchanging ideas with like-minded people – so of course I appreciate it when readers actively participate in discussions or leave comments here on the blog. Projekt: Gesund leben can also be found on Facebook. Apart from the main page, there’s a private Facebook group for the Projekt: Gesund leben Community. Here, you have the opportunity to share information and thoughts on all sorts of health-related topics with other members (and with me)!

… and the Projekt: Zuckerfrei Facebook group!

My second Facebook group is the “Projekt: Zuckerfrei” group. Here, over 30,000 readers exchange tips on sugar-free or sugar-reduced nutrition. Find out more info on the Sugar-Free Challenge here.

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Enjoy the blog and have fun! :-)

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